The online Data Privacy Day event will take place on Friday 28 January 2022 from 09.00. This edition will focus on a specific theme entitled “Explore the shifting landscape of European data protection”.

08.45 a.m.Opening of the online event
‘The Implementation of the Privacy Programme at the International Atomic Energy Agency’

by Isabella Ripota, Data Protection Officer, International Atomic Energy Agency
Topic: Not subject to the GDPR, the Agency approved its own Privacy Policy in 2020 and has since been working at transforming high level principles into practical guidance. The presentation would touch upon the specificities in the implementation as well as the elements that makes it a success.
09.30 a.m.‘Exploring the challenges of shifting landscape of European Data Protection in a context of research.’
by Sandrine Munoz, Data Protection Officer, University of Luxembourg
Topic: Some challenges of Data Protection interpretation & application in a context of research e.g notion of personal data, international transfers, European Regulations to come (Data Governance Act, Artificial Intelligence Act).
10.00 a.m.‘Updates from the CNPD’
by Marc Lemmer, Commissioner, National Data Protection Commission (Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données – CNPD
Topic: Some insights into the CNPD’s recent activities at national and European level including a short outlook to potential challenges with new upcoming EU regulatory frameworks such as the Digital Governance Act and the Artificial Intelligence Act.
10.30 a.m.‘Cookies: legal framework and guidelines from the CNPD’
by Gary Cywie, Partner, Elvinger Hoss Prussen
Topic: What cookies are, the legal framework and the recent guidelines from the CNPD.
11.00 a.m.Break
11.30 a.m.‘Le logiciel libre, solution numérique éthique de conformité RGPD’
by Matthieu Gatineau, DPO (Servior, Alliance Saveurs & Santé) & RSSI (Servior), Association pour la Protection des Données au Luxembourg (APDL) 
Topic: Quelles sont les tendances dans le traitement actuel de nos données personnelles ? Quelle est ma vision de la protection des données ? Quelles solutions pour une souveraineté numérique en Europe ? Pourquoi soutenir massivement les logiciels libres ?
12.00 a.m.‘Feeding The Insatiable Algorithm – Everyday Life In The Age Of Data’
by Chris Pinchen, Trainer, BEE SECURE 
Topic: Daily life used to be governed by natural rhythms of seasons and days but has long since passed to being governed by the algorithm, an insatiable entity which devours our data 24/7, spitting out large or small results which impact everything we do or hope to do. This talk will explore our everyday lives feeding that entity, how emerging developments in AI, facial recognition & surveillance capitalism will impact it even further, if legislation can tame the beast and what we, as newly defined data subjects can do to find our place in this emerging landscape.
12.30 a.m.‘State of play on the GDPR’
by Owe Langfeldt, Legal and Policy Officer, European Commission 
Topic: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets the main framework for how personal data are processed in the EU. How is it holding up after 3.5 years of application? How do data protection and the pandemic interact? How does the GDPR relate to current European initiatives in the digital economy?
1 p.m.End