In 2024, 28 January is a Sunday. Consequently, Data Privacy Day will take place on Monday 29 January 2024, from 09.30 in Esch-Belval.

New in 2024! Data Privacy Day will start at 09.30 (instead of 09.00) and will gather only 5 sessions.

Data Privacy Day 2024 is organised as a hybrid event. You can attend the event live or remotely.

The theme for the 2024 event is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Conference sessions

09.00On-site registration
09.15Opening of the online event
Malte Beyer-Katzenberger, Team Leader, European Commission
Topic: The presentation will give a tour d’horizon on recent EU legal and non-legislative initiatives around data, most notably: The Data Governance Act, the Data Act, the proposal for a Regulation on a European health data space, rules to reinforce the enforcement of the GDPR (GDPR Procedures Regulation) as well as the concept of common European data spaces.
09.45‘Artificial ‘intelligence’ in an academic context’
Sandrine Munoz, Data Protection Officer at the University of Luxembourg and Raoul Winkens, Data Protection Officer at Maastricht University
Topic: The DPO of the University of Maastricht and the DPO of the University of Luxembourg will give an overview of their approach of AI in an academic context and moreover the interconnexions with data protection principles and implementation.
10.15‘AI tools vs privacy’
Steve Muller, Cybersecurity specialist, BEE SECURE
Topic: This talk highlights some of the privacy challenges that come along with artificial intelligence as a technology, and discusses the privacy implications of a few A.I. tools that are available already today.
11.15‘AI & Protection of personal data: how GDPR regulates AI and how AI challenges GDPR’
Marc Lemmer, Commissioner, and Maxime Dufour, Legal expert, National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD)
Topic: At the age of AI industrialisation, the challenges of this technology regarding personal data protection are getting as big as the opportunities. The presentation recalls GDPR principles, obligations and rights which stay valid although new incoming AI specific regulations and shows how AI is challenging the GDPR.
11.45‘Automated decision-making and safeguarding privacy: a look at GDPR’s article 22 and its role in the contexte of AI’
Elisabeth Guissart, Associée, /c law
Topic: What are the implications of Article 22 GDPR, a crucial provision acting as a guardian for individual rights in the domain of automated decision-making, on the integration of artificial intelligence? The presentation will try to explore specific use cases where IA tools with automated decisions impact our daily lives and how this regulation safeguards individual privacy.
12.15‘AI Act: how is EU regulating AI systems to preserve human rights’
Samuel Renault, AIDA Lab pole leader, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
Topic: What is the AI Act, how has it been defined, and when will it come into force. Links between data protection and AI and thus between GDPR and the AI Act. Risks related to AI as foreseen by the Act. Obligations for private and public organisations developing, selling and using AI.

Exhibition (only for live participants)

In parallel to the conference, the event includes an exhibition area. This area can only be accessed by attendees physically joining the event.

  • The Association pour la Protection des Données au Luxembourg (APDL) with a booth around Personal data protection including some awareness posters.
  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) with a booth presenting the Data Protection Technology developed by LIST – SENTINEL project (Horizon Europe).
  • Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) with a booth around Data protection Training and more specifically eLearning modules it is developing to support organisations in the application of data protection law in the context of the secondary use of data. The modules are being developed and will become available in 2024.